Roasting vs Crockpot

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I marinated a pork leg roast in mojo sauce, citrus juices, garlic, basil, and other Latin spices. The recipe wants me to roast it in the oven for nearly 6 hours but I don't want to run my oven for that long on a hot day. I understand I won't get a crust on my roast if I don't put it in the oven . Can I sear it first or cook it the oven the last 30 mins at a high temp to recover the crust if I DO cook it on the crockpot? Any suggestions from going from roasting to a crockpot?


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I would definately sear it before putting it in the slow cooker for flavor.  As for getting a good crust after being in the slow cooker all day, I'm not sure, but you can certianly give it a shot.  I'd probably put it in a 450°F oven for about 15-20 minutes.
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Looks like we have two identical threads going.  Is this a fresh ham?  Shoulder?  Skin on bone in?  Some more information would help your cause.
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