Roasting Tomatoes

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Over the years I have encountered many techniques for oven roasting tomatoes, some using very low temperatures and long roasting times, others using higher temps and shorter times. Some recommend salting and seasoning, some suggest coating the tomatoes with olive oil, and some suggest just roasting the tomatoes plain. FWIW, I usually roast at lower temps and coat the tomatoes with EVOO.

What I've not fully grasped is what the different techniques yield - so, which technique do you use and, most important, why? Is there a technique that give a deeper, richer flavor than the others?

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Low and slow is more a partial dehydrating process than a roasting one. Very big with upscale Sicilian chefs, among others.

I prefer fire roasting, myself, because it provides that extra flavor from the slight charring. I lightly coat with EVOO, and pop 'em on the grill.
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Tomato halves, salt , ground pepper, sprinkle sugar, drizzle olive oil, oregano OR basil , I never put both. Oven 350 for 35 minutes.

Oh the Tomato au gratin ....terrific.
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Ditto the above. I like doing romas halved or cherry tomatoes whole, but you need to let the cherry ones rest a bit or your mouth won't like you - nice burn looking to happen with hot juices.

For the spice I prefer rosemary (I have an aversion to basil, just don't like it). Although it burns a bit at times, it adds a dimension. Nice fruity Oilive oil helps too. Either oven or grill, get some colour on them. Tasty :D
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I do this alot at work when we have an overflow of tomatoes that we won't be able to use up before they turn.

I cut them in half and I try to only have one layer in the pan but sometimes it doesn't work out that way but it's not a big deal. I season them with basil and garlic powder and I also toss a couple of sliced onions into the pan with them. I roast them at 3745F for at least two hours, stirring every now and then. I let them cook and puree them and I must say.. this makes the base for an amazing roasted tomato soup.
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Like KYHeirloomer, I like to coat with evoo and throw them on the grill. I love the smoky flavor! I think I could eat smoke-flavored foods on a daily basis, just not liquid smoke. lol
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I do the same. I roast roma tomatoes for salsa for about 35 minutes at 350 or until they get slightly charred. I put pepper on them, that's it.
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What would happen if you put both? Too much deliciousness to handle?

I've experimented a few ways and like them all. But since I roast tomatoes for freezing I concluded that it's best to just cut them in half and roast them low and slow. Afterwards I pulverize them with my handheld processor and put them in plastic baggies. Sometimes I make a few batches with garlic cloves roasted with them and then pulverize them along with the tomatoes.
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I believe its because I don't want my tomato tasting like spaghetti sauce ....therefore one spice , one flavour,...sometimes none . ....Caramelized Tomato Tarte Tatin is another fav.
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