Roasting duck legs

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    HI all

    I've got duck legs which I'd like roast perfectly (!!) this evening. What's the best oven temperature to use?  Should I sear the skin first then roast?  Or cook slowly first then sear before serving? What internal temperature should I be aiming at for med-rare.  The duck legs are for guests, so ideally I'd like to cook in advance, rest at room temp and then re-heat at the last moment ... can this be done? My oven can be switched between fan forced or not - I'm thinking the fan would be best for crispy skin, but suggestions here would be great too.

    Many thanks for any hints!

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    Hi Jenness,

    Duck legs are nothing like breasts.  Medium rare duck legs would be very, very tough indeed.

    Best way is to cook them "low and slow, beyond well done and into tender."  I suggest braising, smoking or poaching in fat (or oil).

    I hope you have time to change your plans on how to cook them.

    Good luck,

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