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I am quite happy with the quality of risotto I cook but I always cook it and serve as soon as it is ready.

I would like to serve it as an accompaniment on a main dish but to do this would really need to prepare it in advance. I know professional chefs do this but at the time I wasn't paying attention as to how they pre-cook it and then reheat.

Do they cook it completely and then reheat with a small amount of stock added or what?
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Very simple HubUK. Cook it 90% done. When it reaches that point, pour it onto a sheet pan and spread it out to stop the cooking. At serving time, add your last liquid addition and finish as you normally would. Works for me.Chef
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In addition to what mofo posted, there is an arborio hybrid with a higher starch content than arborio. Unfortunateley, I can't recall the name of it, other than it begins with "z". It responds much better to reheats. I can find out tomorrow the exact name if no one else can think of it.
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