Ringing in the Ears

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All these years of working in restaurant kitchens are ruining my ears I fear. Can't be sure, but I think my tinnitus (ringing in the ears) has been caused by kitchen noise. In my current place, the expediter (on the cooks side of the pass) yells ORDER UP! at the top of his lungs every minute in a half right next to my head. Not to mention the vent hood, dish machine, clanging pots, clanging plates, and boom box on 11 during cleanup at night's end. Anybody else getting the ringing?
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My doctor tells me the ringing is because I spent to much time at the Fillmore.
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Does it go away when you leave, or is this a 24/7 thing.  If the later welcome to the world of TINNITUS - it sucks, but it comes from years of exposure to noise.  
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That is what the doctors say.  I think they don't know what causes it.  The doctors don't know how to cure it.
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My ringing came from my youth...years of shooting guns (I'm a country boy) before ear protection became popular, and riding loud tractors for nearly 20 years (my dad was a farmer).  

Diagnosed with high frequency hearing loss as a pre-teen.  I can hear fine, but high pitched noises get lost...all except for the constant ringing.  

Sucks, huh?
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