Riddle Me This: What Food Am I Discribing?

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Need some help... I've traveled extensively throughout Central and South America and there's a common breakfast food I've seen all over the area.. Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Costa Rica, etc that I'd like to be able to cook up here, but not only do I not know what it's called, but nobody that I come across knows how to make it... I've checked every super-market (marcado) in the area and there's nothing in a can other than Frijole beans...

I'm pretty sure it's some recipe starting with Frijole black beans... It's virtually always in a paste form..it's served hot or warm..  it's black (like Frijoles).. it's usually a little salty.. probably made with some sort of cooking grease. Too much of it and it'll give you heartburn. Locals either put it directly on their tortillas or dip and scoop the tortillas in it or it's prepared as a side-dish with eggs.

Does anyone have any idea what this is? and if you do, can you furnish a link to a recipe?? I love the stuff....
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If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then its probably a duck.

looks like frijoles negros, used like frijoles negros, then .......... ????

and reason for the heartburn may be because they are using the oil taken from cooking (chicken fat, deep fry oil etc.). I saw about this being done by some highly regarded female Mexican cook/chef on a youtube video doing a recipe for her café/resto that her mother taught her. apparently the old cooking oil is used to improve the texture, mouthfeel, and taste of frijoles and give it the "something special" taste that others cannot copy.
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OK.. that explains the heartburn ..Makes sense.... but if this is as common as tortillas all over Mexico and Central America... and it is a simple recipe of frijoles... why isn't it available in any stores in can form? why aren't there a gazillion recipes floating around the internet?

It has to be something simple to prepare or it wouldn't be a stable of the Hispanic diet... Just remembered I still have friends in Guatemala.. I'll ask them and see if I can figure this mystery out.. I'll post any information..
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OK.. Just spoke to a dear friend in Guatemala.. She knew instantly what I was taking about and furnished the following recipe.. Pasted below

In Spanish the dish is called  "Frijoles colados or Frijoles fritos."

Depending on how long you cook you can make this as a soup (we did and it was wonderful) or as the thick style as per attached pictures.. Instead of a pressure cooker, my wife let the beans set in water overnight and then cooked them in a crock-pot before putting them on the stove. Can't wait for breakfast tomorrow am.

This is served all over Central America almost on a daily basis as standard breakfast food.... I may not be able to travel to all the places we did under the previous presidents, but I'm not letting that fact stop me from eating like I'm out of the country....Can't wait for breakfast tomorrow am. Enjoy.

Frijoles Colados -

Ingredients put to cook beans:

1 pound of black beans in grain
3 pieces of garlic
1 small onion
salt to taste

Procedure to cook the beans:
In a pressure cooker put beans, water until it covers the beans or a little more, onion , garlic and salt to taste ( onion and whole garlic get as it is only to fire flavor) .
Cooking time in pressure cooker is about 30 minutes.
If you do not have pressure cooker cuisine in a regular pot for about 1 hour and a half. I recommend that you let soak in water overnight to shorten the cooking time.
Ingredients for frying the bean:
1 chopped small onion
4 tablespoon of oil
salt to taste

Procedure for frying the bean:
-In a pan fry the chopped onion with the oil.
-Place in blender water with some of beans, the amount of water can vary depending on how thick you like consistency, add salt if is necessary.
-Then pour into a pan and bring to boil (if you want more hard cook for more time and stir)

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