Ricotta cheese

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what i buy in the tubes is liquid and need to be drained a few days before use but the varieties sold on igourment.com are more dried and crumbly. Can you used these in dishes like Lasagna and ziti? Do they taste the same has anyone used cheese like this?

Ricotta Salata is a sheep's milk cheese, it's hard. It is nothing like ricotta in a tub.

What kind of ricotta are you buying that needs to be drained for a few days???
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Any food store brand. On PBS Lidia Bastianich said Ricotta should be left to drain because it has a lot of liquid and will water down what ever its used in. I been letting my ricotta drain its liquid ever since. Ok she used fresh and took day but mine is frozen so takes longer. Besides pollyo who else makes good ricotto, yes I see can make if myself but not going to. I seen videos and yes its easy but milk is like $4.50 gallon. How much cheese do you get from gallon of milk? Mozzarella chesse is another big $$$ to be home and way to much work, I'll buy it.
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