Rice, Rice, Baby!!!

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What are favorite rice dishes. Such as risotto, basmati, wild, and others. I have so many, I don't know where to start. I'm putting together a new menu entirly and need some creative and idealistic dishes to satisfy a Spring theme menu. Classic is OK, but keep in mind this is for catering. So, to keep it simple, I prefer the recipe' be in hotel pan sized portion's, please. Thank you.
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We had a family favorite of rice with mushrooms and eggplant. (Is eggplant a veggie you'd rather avoid?) It was created in honor of a neighbor-

Eggplant a la Pierre

Saute garlic, onion and mushrooms in olive oil. Add unpeeled, cubed eggplant and cook until it begins to soften. Add rice and let it cook a bit in the oil. Add liquid and some thyme. Cover and cook rice through. This holds well, too. Mom also used to cook this in the oven when it made sense to.


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I'm surprise no one mention paella. It's a dish that offers so many possibilities.
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a nice jambalaya would be cool. Perhaps a chinese style sushi utilising blanched bok choy leaves, koshikari rice, char siu and maybe some diced preserved mushroom.

A Thai red chicken curry with some either basmati or jasmine rice pilaf with fresh corriander (cilantro).

Howbout a savoury rice conde/risotto cake perhaps with some poached atlantic salmon fillet with either a wasabi beurre blanc or a red onion jam with horseradish.

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For some reason, all this rice talk has reminded me of a quasi-Indian casserole I have to make: gently curried small cauliflower florets, rice, dabbed with cool cilantro pesto and toasted slivered almonds for crunch.
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we used to use our left over rice to make coriander and yoghurt rice cakes....serve with any appropriate sauce./

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