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Hello all, first time posting and am hoping you guys can help me out with a simple question.

I've used a rice cooker before and know that they come with preset timings for the rice to be cooked, my question is as to whether there are rice cookers that allow you to set how long you want the rice to be cooked for? I have used a cooker that gave me three options of Standard, Fast and Ultra Fast cooking, at about 50, 40 and 35 minutes prospectively, I wanted to cook the rice for about 25 minutes though, so are there rice cookers that alow you to set how long it's cooked for yourself?

Thank you.


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The point of a rice cooker is set and forget and that it will hold the rice across time. It's ready when you are, not you having to be ready for it.. If you want precise timing control, why bother with a rice cooker? Just put the rice in a pan and time it. 

It seems that what you're trying to accomplish is antithetical to the device you want to use for the task. 
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Hello Phatch,

You are totally correct. When I sent that question I'd only had the rice cooker for a day or two and so wasn't totally familiar with it, the only adjustment I needed to make in the end was the amount of water I added, not the timing, so that I could get it the way I like. It is a delight to use now, like you said, just switch it on and walk away, fantastic for a novice like me.

Thanks for replying.

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