Rheumatoid arthritis & the claw

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I was diagnosed at 26 with rheumatoid arthritis after sleepless nights in pain (hands, feet, knees, shoulders). I decided early on to take the private chef route because it would be easier on my body, but after a very short period in remission, stiffness has made "the claw" difficult. My right hand oddly enough is ok for knife activity but my left hand gets stuck in the claw position now, and it's painful to have to pry my hand open, and then I have to go through some exercises just to make it function normal again.

Does anyone else have RA in their hands, and have a modified hand position they might suggest in place of "the claw"?
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I too have suffered wit arthritis since my late twenties, not RA, but very painful and dibilitating. Unfortunately the claw is the most efficient and safe way to handle our tools, what I have done and has worked for over thirty years are natural anti inflammatories. Sour cherry juice, blueberries and the core of pineapple. I eat these everyday and have been able to work. Also be sure to stay well hydrated and keep your potassium levels up as well as your sodium. I hope this helps. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, good luck!!
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Try Tumeric. These are lots of university researches that affirm the health benefits of tumeric (curcumin) and its effectiveness on curing rheumatoid arthritis. I have a family member who suffers from the same situation and the whole thing is under control now. The dosage has to be a lot higher than what is mentioned on the bottle though. 

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