Rewarming pork roast for service...

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Looking to do a Pork Arista on our winter menu (Pork loin double butterflied open and rubbed down with seasoning before rolling back up and roasting it). I'm looking to cook, cool and slice the roast down to portion sizes and reheat for service.

My question is, what techniques have you guys used to reheat a lean pork roast while still keeping it moist and tender.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Steam it. Make sure to steam just long enough though, for steaming too long will give you dry and tasteless pork.
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It wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing to pre-cook the loin, slice, chill and re-heat. The main problem is that pork loin in and of itself is so lean that it overcooks easily. If you can cook by temperature, perhaps you could pull the loins at 130 degrees, allow to finish on the counter, chill, slice cold, shingle in the pan. Have some warm chicken stock at the ready to use to reheat the pork. The trick is in the timing and temperature. I for, one don't care for over cooked pork loin, and avoid it pretty much on every menu as I usually am always disappointed.
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