Reviving dry roasts

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 So last night I cooked an eye of round roast in the crockpot.  After 4 hours on low (my crockpot low is really a high - not sure though) it looked like it was done - way over done.  so I chopped it up and am hoping to put it  back into crockpot with maybe a can of cream of mushroom soup and some bovril and see if cooking it more will tenderize it.  Anybody know how I can revive this roast?  The meat is actually somewhat tasty but tough.  Any suggestions?
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It's tough because you didn't leave it in the crockpot long enough.

If you read crockpot specific recipes you'll note that most of them call for cooking times of at least 6 hours, and often longer than that.

When you use a slow cooker you are, in effect, braising. Might keep that in mind in the future.
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This is why I stuck a digital thermometer into my slow cooker for a chuck roast yesterday.  I ignored the time and let it cook until the internal temp was 190 al la bbq beef brisket to break down the connective tissue.  It turned out tender and juicy.  I could have used any instant read thermometer and if my slow cooker didn't have a vent hole in the lid, I would have waited until roughly 4-5 hrs and quickly checked manually.  Of course if I do it that way I let a lot of heat out and probably extend the cook time another 30 min or so.

I can't think of any way to make the result you have tender.  Possibly if you slice it very,very thin you could use it on sandwiches.

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Have you watched man v food. The episode I'm thinking of is in Chicago when your man scoffs a Chicago beef sandwich...Amazing!.

To duplicate, i would suggest you very thinly slice your meat leave it to cook further in a gravy youve made, till its falling apart. then fill a ciabatta type roll, add anything you like.Cooked Pickles? (cant remember the additions...I'm sure Chicagoites will advise) Then dip the whole thing in the gravy.And enjoy the squishy sandwich
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