Revision: Can I substitute pork shank for beef SHINS?

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It's a borsht recipe. Also, would they pound for pound contribute about the same amount of flavor? The recipe calls for 3 lbs. beef SHINS, and all I have is a little over a pound of pork shank. 
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while I suppose you could use it, your not going to get the same flavor. And if your that short on the meat your just going to get less. As long as your mentally prepared for a dish that won't have as much depth of flavor, go for it. If it's what you have , it's what you have.
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Borsht ? with pork. You will get entirely different taste . In Russia Duck carcasses were used, along with beef. It could be substituted but flavor will have to be enhanced
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I'd be tempted not to use it in borscht.  Unless you want to add heaps of beef boullion cubes, but even so it wont taste the same.  I would be tempted to do a pork and bean soup (your choice of bean, maybe red kidney, bortolloti, chick peas).

A waste of meat otherwise - not being mean but it just won't suit a borscht.  Maybe a sauerkraut dish with the pork slow cooked then added inside.  Hope this helps somewhat.
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