Revising our smallwares and plating for catering. HELP!

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    I manage a small kitchen in a pretty busy bar/restaurant, that pumps out quite a bit of catering for in-house reservations. I have been given the task of overhauling our catering presentation and flow. my main issue is the cold items. I am working with a slim budget (exact number unknown), and need to fix a good handful of small items. The business is fairly new, and we never anticipated our catering growing to the size of which it is now. we are definitely overdue for changes.

    - Our cold-holding foods. we are using rudimentary icebaths that melt quickly and spill water onto tables. I wanted to see if anyone had an insulated container solution for me? I won't be able to spend money on a cold bar. our hardware has to be modular, since it is ever-changing placement. I have seen insulated stainless steel bowls on if anyone has experience with these, I'd appreciate feedback! 

    -condiments and dressings. a reliable, functional, and elegant (as well as cost-effective) system for basic condiments, as well as salad dressings and cheeses, pickle chips, etc. 

    I can grab photos and post them if that would give anyone a better idea of what I'm working with and working towards. Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated!