Revised/new kitchen tool

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Bought a frozen lamb leg on sale, I'll never cook the whole thing at once.
So, to cut a frozen lamb leg?
A Google search said to use a reciprocating (Sawzall) saw!
Works just fine!
One can get 12" stainless meat-saw blades for them (Amazon) , but for the time being, a new pruner blade sufficed.
Placed the frozen leg on on a cradle (I had previously made for a KitchenAid mixer rebuild- covered with plastic wrap, of course),
It does spit out meat "sawdust", so your backsplash will have some "stuff" sprayed around after,..and the blade does tend to wander.
Rinsed the "meat dust" & vacuum sealed the chunks. Happy camper! :)
Reciprocating meat saw.jpg
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