reverse spherification caviar left membrane residue in mouth when being eaten

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hi, my caviar left membrane that won't dissolve in mouth and stuck in teeth. i use frozen reverse spherification when making the caviar.. the membrane looking as follow. what could have cause the membrane to being unpleasant and being residue? do all frozen reverse spherification have this membrane residue . i use coconut milk and many other inggridient but still same result
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I did a research of my own. Haven't found anything specific but some people noticed it's important to remove the eggs from the surrounding membranes. Anyway, I usually eat caviar with membranes and don't have such problems.

Probably the problem is in the specific product and the type of caviar you cooked. I also learned at pearlsofcaviar that there are different ways of cooking it. You should try to cook it once again. I'm interested in the result you're gonna have.
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