Returning to Vegas

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Its been 2 years since I last went, I remembered seeing a lot of construction while I was there last so I am wondering how much as Vegas changed.  I hear there is a new hotel on the strip?

I won't be going till late August, I will be staying at the Venetian so I'm thinking I can finally get to hit Bouchon (BTW, how much should I expect to pay per head minus drinks?).  I will look up some shows, wouldn't mind some recommendations.  I will more then likely hit Discount Firearms again, may look up other options there. 

Would like to know what others have done while in Sin City.


yup, Aria and "City Center", which i think is a shopping mall with high end stores.

i'm going this weekend, going to hit up Mix (Alain Ducasse), Craft Steak (Tom Colicchio), and Olives (Todd English). if i get a chance, i will try a $60 kobe foie gras burger from Burger Bar (Hubert Keller) and maybe Bouchon for breakfast.

Bouchon varies wildly in pricing, so it depends what and when you eat. Here is the website, you can get the menus there.
Joined Apr 28, 2003
So I've been back for a week now.  The couple that invited us down had us held up at a suite at the Venetian so I decided not to do much, just soak up the suite life.

The Venetian:

Absolutely beautiful hotel.  I never really found the lobby in years past till I stayed there this year, I took note the Bouchon entrance is located there but I didn't get to eat there again this year.  The suite we got was 1 of their substandards but hey ( that is 1 sweet substandard.  It was bittersweet though, we got our room fine but our friends had to wait well past the 3pm checkin time for their room.  Also our door has the tendency to slam at the last second as the door closes very slowly, hard enough that the lights flicker.  Room service was excellent at least.

Eating there was very mixed.  We hit the food court for breakfast and the food there was outrageously expensive, improperly cooked (eggs always overcooked, meats were either overcooked or undercooked), and painfully long wait with poor service. 

Same could be said with their Asian Noodle.  My order came before everyone else's after an already long wait which took 8mins longer to arrive, I would have expected better service at $16/head.  At least the food was good, I had the dum dum noodles (spicy peanut and sesame seed noodle) which honestly should have been the last item to arrive when everyone else ordered soup noodle items.

Though I didn't get a chance to eat at Bouchon, their bakery/deli corner was conveniently located right at the bottom level near the elevators.  Expensive but I expected it to be.  Their chocolate eclair is deadly at $3 each, decadent.  Had their turkey & avocado on french baguette plus a fruit tart at $9 and $7 respectively. 

The Lux Cafe was the best dining experience we had at the Venetian.  Service was great, food all arrived at the same time properly done at the same price as everywhere else we've eaten in the hotel. 

The Venetian is a bit too big of a hotel for my liking, found it difficult finding my way through even for the 4nights that I was there for. 

Aria was done being build and right next to it, the finishing touches to the Cosmopolitan was being done but still not open yet.  I'm not crazy about either hotels, they look too modern and chic for Vegas and dare I say, too ostentatious.  I did a walkthrough at Arias through the mall, the lobby, casino, and their 2 valet parking entrances; this place is massive.  I found I couldn't stay in there for too long, it just didn't feel right for some reason. 

Paris is currently building a candy factory by extending out front.  I also noted some more construction going on further North of the strip.
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