Returning food to the kitchen

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that would take a dead roach with him to dinner. He'd descretely place it somewhere in the dish after he was almost done.

Yeah, the outrage at finding the bug, the free meal. You have to remember this was NYC 30 years ago. No lack of bugs.

It's amazing what a starving actor will do to cut costs.

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I can tolerate a lot. However, when I bring my wife to a restaurant I expect her service and food to be impecable, or at least to the level of what I expect for the restaurant where we dine. I can accept many things, but when my wife is not having a good experience, I do everything I can to fix it. This includes sending her dish back to the kitchen if necessary. She appreciates this because I am handling the problem and dealing with the service and she doesn't have to.
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unless food is meant to be served cold there is never a reasonable excuse for it to be hit the table any other way then hot! and as far as flavourless food that is a sure sign of a cook that does not taste his food, and in my opion they must not really care about the food they are serving ( a hack)
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It would have to be something blatently horrible for me to send anything back. I would just push it aside. One bite of horrible would be enough to rob me of any appitite for any food. I wasn't happy about the cricket in the mushroom sauce, and esp. not happy about being told by the waiter not to fuss. We paid of course, but I told everyone on the stairs (it was a busy night) to watch for crickets, and the people waiting at the bar too. And everyone at the childrens private schools, and in the (very large) church, the people in the shops I visited, everybody I came in contact with. Which was lots and lots.

All the waiter had to do was take the napkin, with cricket entombed, away. He didn't, he told me not to fuss. So I sent the poor cricket to the Health Dept. None of that need have happened. It wasn't the **** cricket, it was being told not to fuss. The cheeky brat. It was a joke around our city for quite a time. "Steak and Mushrooms, please, I will pass on the crickets". "Does the soup have blended crickets?" It must have been very hard for the good wait staff, and sent steam from the chefs ears. Unfair? Perhaps. The kitchen in Mission Bay or Mt Eden, was not responsible for the stuff ups in xxxxxx area.

I don't mind gauche service, hesitant uninformed service, even having stuff dropped on me. It can all be navigated by good will, good manners, and quietly. BUT !!! DON'T, EVER, tell me NOT TO FUSS. And all for a cricket.
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Hi Nicko,

If I'm served something that I feel is a bit off on taste or temperature...

...I usually just continue eating and finish my (usually) enjoyable evening out with my wife. I'll just chalk it up as part of the experience of eating at that restaurant.

But, oddly enough, having a great meal usually isn't my objective when I go out. Just a nice dining experience and night out :)

take care all>>>

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