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    Before I got sick I was a pastry chef in various restaurants I loved it everything about working with food was wonderful from the chemistry in the pastry kitchen meeting guests, getting reviewed, and creating new things undone in the past . Then I got sick and went on disability for 10 years now I am finally well again and want to come back to the food field and pick up my work . The problem is I have made nothing (food Items) in 10 years I remember only a quarter of the things I knew back in the day. I have no clue if my skills are there or not. I am planning on making some dessert items in my home kitchen to see if its still there , and

    If I still got it ? Lastly Im on permanet disability and have killer good health insurace which at no point I can give up due to my illness . I can only work part time or up to $1000.00 gross a month knowing full well pastry people work 40-60 hours week I cannot . I guess my question is would you go back to the field if you were in my shoes having limited hours and a very rusty memory with and about anything pastry? Im weighing the options and think of what would be best for me to do for my future. I am working with an employment agency who seems to think Id be better int he mental health field. In my heart I still long to be in chef whites, mixing , folding, stirring, baking, ect... creating great things from quality ingredients. I have my degree in Pastry and feel like Im throwing it away by going into something else when mentally I still have a passion for pastry. Would an internship be a wise thing for me to get back into the flow of things. The other problem is there is little opportunity in my area for work in pastry I don't know what would you do ?
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    Hello Remi welcome to Chef Talk!
    My advice would be to hire on with a caterer in a part time or fill in capacity.
    Hotels may be another option.
    I guess it all boils down to how badly you want/need that thousand dollars vs losing your disability and insurance.
    Another would be (this part I can empathize with) how fragile is your health?
    Are you able to mix, bake and decorate one day and not spend 2 days in bed paying the price?

    About your skills....the only way to figure that out is to get in the kitchen and play!


    You would get more responses posting this in the PastryChef forums.....
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    I would suggest looking for an assistant position. Be very spacific that you can only do part time work.

    As for it coming back..... my guess it will. Though you will have to get back into the ...groove again..