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Hi chefs, I am planning on taking my culinary team leaders out to a farm (veg & herbs) on a one day get-away-from-work retreat. At the end of the day we will be having dinner using some ingredients harvested from the farm.

Does any one have and can share any new creative ideas for topics and team building exercises for a culinary group of Sous chef level culinarians? We will be a group of around 10 people.

Thanks in advance for all the ideas and suggestions.


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That sounds like fun.  I would poke around on the web re farm to table.  Here's a starting point to give you some ideas::


We went on a survival nature walk/trip years ago. The instructor taught us what plants were edible, etc.  At the end of the class, he made a big salad with the edible findings... although he did bring along the dressing and an avocado ;-)
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We used to play a game when it was slow at work to build creativity. A piece of paper with ten lines. The group takes turns writing an ingredient. At the end everyone has to write out a dish they would make with the ten ingredients. Salt pepper and oil are allowed as well. You could do that except ya know, in real life
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Sounds like a great time. You could:

Divide the group of Sous Chefs into teams and allow them to forage the vegetables and herbs on the farm.then create a small presentation of what they foraged and how the product could be used in the kitchen.

You could also create a small "Chopped" episode pitting a divided group against one another creating dishes from what they foraged, and YOU could be the judge. The winning teams gets a small prize.
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Thanks Chefross. There is not enough Cooking facility at the farm to run something like Chopped but it is a good idea for future retreats.
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Lovely idea...I need to find a forager. Would be a nice event. Thanks for sharing.

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