Retarder/proofers options?

Joined Feb 21, 2018
Hi guys, I'm currently expanding my bakery and looking at retarder/proofers. We bake mostly naturally leavened batards, currently around 200 p/d but likely to increase significantly.

I just installed a 8m2 Miwe cylothermic oven and need to get a retarder as well. I bought the oven used and got a 4 trolley proofer with it but I haven't installed it as I want to be able to retard our doughs.

So my question is whether I should get one large retarder/proofer or install the Miwe proofer and get another 4 trolley retarder/proofer.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,
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It really depends on how you plan to produce your products and how your kitchen is set up.

With multiple units, you can make multiple items without worrying about the different temperature, humidity, and time.
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