Restuarants, how are you doing?

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2020 is like the worse I have ever seen it for the entire industry. Not bringing in politics here but tell me, how are you doing?

Please share, vent, and tell your story.
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Moved to Beijing for a gig at the end of 2019. restaurant was shut down permanently in march. Did bit of consulting in Shanghai and was called back to Beijing for a new project in June. Things were fucked for a bit there but its getting back to normal over here. Fingers crossed so its stays that way.
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It's been a challenge, but we are surviving, and actually doing well. Adapt and overcome. I know many restaurants here have gone under, but a number have survived as well.
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Start of this year was at a great spot, and covid hit. Moved 3 provinces and here i am in northern canada working for a hotel group. Totally different experience here with people and work, happy to be working as dining in is still going here.
Restaurant here is doing ok, would like more business as other restaurants are doing quite well, not sure what i can do different to make a difference.
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I don't own a restaurant, but my wife and I try to order out at least once or twice per week just to try to help. Unfortunately, our options have been dwindling. The area where we live is kind of rural and a bit stagnate, economically. To make things a bit more complicated, the options we do have available to us now either ignore or try to side-step the guidelines put out by the Health Department/CDC, which makes it rather awkward when I go to pick things up.
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I run a small cafe (can't really call it a restaurant) in my home country (India). Unfortunately, although lockdowns have been lifted, demand is low & we noticed that many people were on the fence (as to whether they should dine-in or not).

One life hack that worked well for me was advertising (although at a small scale) of the social distancing precautions that we have taken. This included replacing tables and chairs with booth seating, moving a few seating arrangements in the outdoors, automated temperature checks & so on.

I saw a ~280% increase in footfall, simply by advertising the measures that we had adopted
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