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I volunteered to come up with a list of restaurants in NYC for a group....HS- adults that are spending a week seeing outrageous quantities of plays. So.... a mix, and especially those in the theatre district. I thought I'd hit the archives and just draw on past threads but could not figure out how to access them....lame I know. Anyway it's due today....Thurs.
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I'll be anxiously waiting to see this list too! :bounce:

We're staying in the theater district in late June for a week. Given how fast things change in the business, a fresh news would be welcome.
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If you don't mind, I'd be interested in seeing the list of plays, too :).
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put down carolines (the comedy club) that way they can take in a quick show (especially on new talent night) i havent eaten there yet but i hear its decent....
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It is a group from a Catholic High School including adults (not chaperones) that are spending a week seeing plays, some a foodies and will want a great meal or two, I'd include Babbo and Meyer's places, but mainly Big Wong or comparable.
It was an incredible deal, $1100 includes flight, hotel (2 occupancy) 2 plays a day and they are there for a week.
So, they take tons of snack food and then hit the pizza parlor for a slice or two.....
I cook for the parish priest and they called to see if I would direct them to different good eats. I stalled on them yesterday and said it would be forthcoming.
Last year there were several threads with a student hitting NYC for a play/shopping....with alot of restaurants mentioned...I can't access the list I posted....ARRGH computer illiteracy is frustrating at times.
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Shroom -- look on the Restaurant Raves board, or the Inside Scoop. Just keep on to the next page after page and you'll probably find what we all said.
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I'm generally pressed for time when dining before the theatre.

For a quick meal before the show, Ollie's Noodle Shop on 44th Street serves up large bowls of Chinese noodle or dumpling soup and is something you probably won't see outside of New York or San Francisco.

Also in the simple Asian vein: Seeda Thai on (I beleive) 50th Street, which is convenient for the more uptown end of the district.

From a touristic perspective, Sardi's is a must, although I haven't eaten there for some years and wasn't particlularly impressed by the food when I did.

There are also numerous chain restaurants in and around the theatre district that leave you thinking, "I didn't believe food could taste like that!"

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