Restaurant Staging--Insurance Issues?

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Hey Chefs, was wondering....

I seem to be encountering restaurants here and there lately, who seem to feel that allowing a potential

to stage for a day or week or whatever presents them with insurance liability/health dept issues,

because you're not an actual employee.

Until recently, I've never run into this concern from an owner.

Has something changed recently or are they paranoid, or just creating a nice excuse,

like brushing off a door-to-door salesman by telling him your dinner's burning. lol
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This is definitely a new world order.  If anyone who trails or stages manages to hurt themselves the business can be accountable.  At my job we actually pay stages.  I know, its crazy, but our lawyer would rather we shell out minimum wage than have someone go to the labor board or sue us.  Most businesses have a waiver that guests can sign, but I'm still not sure if it actually releases the responsibility.  

I also live in San Francisco, where the people have the power.  We have the highest minimum wage in the country ($10.74, i think), mandatory health insurance and if you don't clock out for your break, the restaurant pays an hour penalty to the employee.  The days of throwing pans and working 14 hours a day are gone (unless your salary, i suppose).
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At least in California, stages should be paid. Insurance issues aside, it's not allowed to have volunteers in a profit-making business.
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