Restaurant owners?

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1) My business provides items to many restaurants and clubs, yet I don't advertise or solicit business on this site.

2) My "concept" of business is to offer goods/services at a fair price.

Since reading your post in another thread I couldn't help but notice that you tend to lump in "business" and "offering discounts/perks" not once but twice in your thread.

If your idea of "bringing business to my door" involves heavy discounts via spam texts, then I don't see how.  Since I can't cover costs by offering discounts, I don't see how I could consider this "Doing business".

I have taken the precaution of not allowing you to access me via P.M on this site, and do not offer any other information about me or my business on C.T. 
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You have me all wrong. TOTALLY wrong.

I do not know your business, so it would be a bit hard for me to offer your business to anyone. I cannot be a threat to you.
To me, you are soliciting business on a culinary site that, as a rule, does not permit solicitations.

If I were interested, I would NOT contact you.
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You  are an  Owner Operator of what??????   Nicko charge this guy for advertiseing space.
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  Is there a tool that bypasses bringing the business to my door and just sends the monies?

Thanks in advance
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