Restaurant in Reykjavík, Iceland.

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Just want to share a secret with you of a great restaurant in Reykjavík, Iceland. hehehe.......

And I will put some details about the restaurant with each link.
Apótek bar grill is the one of famouse here in Iceland, very good fushion place
This restaurant is build on a heating utility tank, great place.
The restaurant in Blue lagoon is the famous tourist place :)
Very good restaurant, and for your information the Chef de cuisine there is the winner of Competition Ice carving 2002 and you can see his homepage here
Very good fushion place.
The famous restaurant its serve whalemeat ;)
Siggi Hall restaurant our famous TV-Chef
Very good steakhouse
Very good catering and café place.
The largest hotel here in Iceland and one of the quality restaurant in Iceland it call by VOX.
The largest catering place in Iceland.
Very good gastronomiq restaurant.

This is the few of the great restaurant in Iceland and of course we have lots of Bistro and café places:

etc. etc......
Also have we very good website it contains news, related to food and wine.

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Bet you on commission you scoundral.

Thanks for the tips, some interesting sites there.
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