Restaurant Horcher in Madrid ... Fresh Sea Scallops with Cava

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    By Margcata

    Horcher is one of Madrid 's oldest legendary restaurants. It originated from Berlin, however, it relocated to the Madrid Capital in the 1940s.

    Serves 4 ...

    one fourth stick of unsalted butter

    24 fresh sea scallops

    one and a half cups of Cava Reserva or Extra Brut

    a pinch of saffron threads

    1 fresh lemon for drizzle

    minced fresh parsley

    1 cup cooking cream

    1. melt the butter in a heavy large skillet at medium to high heat

    2. add sea scallops and saute until just cooked through and turn occasionally about 2 or 3 minutes

    3. transfer the scallops to a platter

    4. add the Cava and some saffron threads to same skillet and lightly boil until reduced by half about 7 minutes

    5. add the cream and boil until reduced to a sauce consistency about 10 minutes

    6. season with a drizzle of fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper

    7. return the scallops to sauce an stir just until slightly re.heated through  

    SERVE WITH ... baguette for dunking and dipping and Cava Juve y Camps or other white sparkling wine of choice