Restaurant Cleaning and sanitizing chemicals?

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Do you source your cleaning and sanitizing chemicals from different vendors or do you just get them from one source (i.e. Ecolab, autochlor). I would like to get you opinion especially for the ones getting their chemicals from different sources (i.e do you have your own chemical dispensers or do you just let your employees do the dilution? how do you keep track of your chemical?). As for single source users, are your chemical prices fixed? are you happy with the chemicals you are getting? Lastly, how well or effective are you chemicals in dealing with bad odors in bathrooms and dining.

Thanks in advance
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Yes. We source EVERYTHING. Why would chemicals be an exception? Ecolab is one of the biggest rips in the industry, IMHO, next to maybe Tork paper products. The first thing I did when I bought my place was to replace the Ecolab machine and switch out all my paper towel and toilet tissue Tork holders. I now pay MUCH less for my 3 pails of Sani, Rinse and Detergent than I do for ONE of those from Ecolab. For us, a two hour trip to Restaurant Depot every few months pays for itself on the chemical savings alone.  Also, my cost for a case of 6 800' towels has gone from $65 to $18 because we no longer use the "free" Tork dispensers. NO free lunch my friend.

I have to ask, however, why is there bad odors in the dining room? ( A can of Lysol or Fabreeze does the trick in our bathrooms)
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What Capecod says...

And don't let "them" install soap dispensers in your bathrooms either. If you do, you HAVE to use their special soap-in-bag because nothing else will fit. For me a 2ltr jug of Jergens anti bacterial hand soap is dirt cheap, and I can buyit where I like. I buy my d/w chemicals from a broadliner or a restaurant supply house, and cleaning supplies from janitorial suppliers or Home Despot
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I'm with the above!! I made that mistake 15 yrs. ago. It's like entering prison. The door opens, you step into a small holding area, door slams shut. The problem being, the next door does not open.

I was so impressed with the amount of labor to install the equipment. My sales rep was coming by almost daily to make sure all was going well.

UNTIL, HE GOT HIS NEXT CUSTOMER! HOUDINI!    My only communication with the company was to ask why my prices were going up! And why the gas surcharge on delivery. Hell, we were enjoying inflation at that time.

  I do the same for chemicals as above. You can buy generic towel and soap holders at most restaurant supply houses. I even get my  towels from there. pennies above big box, but they deliver.  TP, Hand soap, sanitizer, Amazon.

  I've had two people who have fixed the washer. Found them both at used restaurant equipment places.

I used the manufactures recommended repair service 1 st. time. Part and labor 575.00. Same part 18 months later by my guy, 41.00 for part and 70.00 labor. Told me the last guy installed it wrong. Just sayin.
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I just got out of an abusive marriage with Ecolab myself./img/vbsmilies/smilies/lol.gif   The contract was in place before I got here but it was obvious that we were getting screwed so I cut the cord.
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