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I am putting myself in the position to open a restaurant of my own. I am currently doing research for my business plan through the SBA website. What I was looking for is another site that has more info focused on business plans for the restaurant industry. If anyone has anything to offer it would be greatly appreciated.
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dear joshua,
in my area the SBA has a group of business retirees that help you with your business plan for free. is there anything like that available in your area? feel free to pm me with questions and i can try to dust off that degree in small business admin i received a couple of years ago. i know the answers could be in my brain somewhere :D
did you start your market research yet?
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Hi Joshua,
Buy this book. It covers all aspects of starting your own restaurant.
"Restaurant Business Start Up Guide" by Paul Daniels.
Good Luck!
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Go to:

Hands down, this is the very best website out there for you to find everything you need to run, operate, or manage a restaurant or foodservice establishment.

Everything on RestaurantEdge is broken down by the state in which you live, providing you with all of your download documents, legal and regulatory, licensing, and anything else you can imagine.

Let me know if there's anything you may need in particular, chances are we have the information you are looking for!

Best wishes,

Eric Hahn
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