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Hi all... I'm new on here. I'm a student researching a specific ingredient in cooking. 

So if anyone can respond I'd really appreciate it 
 (i'm sure you all remember how much homework sux.. 


Can you name a few Brands of Broth off of the top of your head?

Does Brand name matter to you when you cook?

Can you name any "different" ways that you use broth?

thanks everyone 
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I can only think of Swanson and Campbell's.

Brand name doesn't matter to me because I don't buy broth. I make my own.

I use broth to cook vegetables, potatoes, rice, and fish, instead of water. I serve it as a hot beverage. I also thicken it for sauces, but I don't think that's very different.
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Why don't you spend ten minutes in a supermarket doing your "research." Most of them have a whole range of broths and stocks (at least a half-dozen brand names, and that many "flavors"). You'll not only get a list of brands, you'll be able to find their ingredients listed on the boxes and cans. Then, if you visit some ethnic markets, you'll find a whole range of other brands.

You'll also discover that this particular community is not the best place to learn that stuff, because the majority of us make our own stocks and broths from scratch, rather than buying them, or, in the case of professional members, sometimes use commercial bases as the starting point.

As to use: Stocks and broths are a basic ingredient in most kitchens. They are required for making many sauces and soups, and are often used as the liquid component in other dishes as well.
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thank you for the responses. I've done 4 supermarkets and done some shop alongs also... and contacted a few cooking schools. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll be presenting some finding 2moro

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