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I'm an architectural engineering student, studying in the University of Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. My senior project is a culinary art school and i have some questions that I'd like to ask you. What are the different equipment used in a kitchen? How are they organized? How would you classify the equipment in order of importance?How would you describe a kitchen? and in specification? What other rooms in the school is as important as the kitchen?

I'll be really grateful if someone was able to help me

Thank you
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Maysoon...that's a tall order. After doing a search I see you have asked similar questions already. I would take a look again at the answers you got and then try to narrow down what it is you want us to really focus on. May I suggest visiting a few restaurants in your area, both fast food and upscale and to take pictures, to get an idea of layouts.  As far as what else is important a nice quiet classroom away from the noises students make in the kitchen is probably a good idea.
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Don't worry about the equipment, it's all interchangeable.

As a designer, your main focus sould be on infrastructure,   to support the equipment.  All hot cooking equipment like stoves, grills, etc have to be under a hood.  What does your local building, health and worker's safety board have to say about this?  What codes are in place?

Same goes for plumbing.  Grease interceptor requirements?  Staff washrooms?

Electrical?  Which items consume to most wattage?

Are there no local schools around to have a look at?
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Asalam alakam Maysoon,

I think you need to step back and take a hard look at the curriculum first. Once you understand what courses (classes) will be taught and in what order, you will have an understanding as to what classrooms and practical application areas will be necessary. Remember, there is both "book learning" and "practical practice" in culinary arts.

You also need to know the anticipated number of chefs/instructors as well as the expected student capacity.

In my view, the most difficult part is going to be laying out the practical application areas (kitchens), classrooms, offices, restrooms, etc., are pretty straightforward

In my mind, the WORST way to layout the kitchen(s) is to attempt to design a single kitchen for ALL practical exercises. I think several smaller kitchen(s), customized for what is expected to be taught will be far more useful. Example: A pastry/baking application needs far different equipment and workspace than a stock making application or seafood cooking and so on.

Culinary arts is NOT cooking at home where everything is done in one area. It is a production system with customized work areas designed for limited purposes.
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Thank you all for answering my questions, i really appreciate it. As for what Gunner said,I've been trying to contact restaurants to get a tour of their kitchen's, but until now no one seemed willing to help. That's why i have a lot of questions because people here(the forum) are so helpful.Foodpump,no there isn't any culinary school in my country. Except for a culinary art center, which is located in the strangest places, in a shopping mall !!!!:S PeteMcCracken,wow you know ARABIC !!! that's nice, and thank you for the valuable information you provided.
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