Reputation or Groundwork? Career advice needed

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    I'm green.  Experience in Pastry but green.

    I've worked in restaurants for the past decade but just recently started my descent into the culinary field on my way to one day become a great Chef.

    So I've been interviewing at various restaurants and this is the dilemma I'm faced with.

    2 Job offers.

    Restaurant A & B - BOTH:

    busy. well seasoned executive chefs.  great food.  high standards. similar pay.

    Restaurant A:

    The executive chef is somewhat of a "celebrity chef".  Open kitchen.  Brand new restaurant.  Brand new kitchen.  HUGE staff.  During my trail - I felt that it was almost showy but a good environment.  The staff was friendly.  Was offered a fulltime spot as both a pastry cook and the opportunity to learn savory.  (To clarify, my passion lies with learning and perfecting skills in the savory focus, not pastry)

    Restaurant B:

    The executive chef is seasoned but not nearly as well known as A's.  Old and well established restaurant.  Closed kitchen.  Chef de Cuisine holds EXTREMELY high standards and is someone to learn from.  Staff was "ok" - a bit cold though.  The potential to move up and around is SLIGHTLY greater here.

    I think I'll learn great from both restaurants but gain a much stronger skill foundation from Restaurant B.  However, Restaurant A offers a name and reputation with it as well more of a tip of the hat towards modern gastronomy.

    Fast forward 10 years to where I'm an amazing Exec. Chef at a top 50 restaurant... Would Restaurant A or Restaurant B have contributed most to this goal?