Report on cake from Paris Sweets

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I thought I'd share. I used Greenspan's recipe from Maison du Chocolate (Robert Linxe) for Grandmother's Creamy Chocolate Cake. As Greenspan warns you, this is more like fudge than cake. It should be used in very small pieces topped with whipped cream or ice cream - and generously garnished with some of the wonderful strawberries that have just become available here.

It was simple to make and will delight the chocolate addict. After all, 8 oz of Valrhona chocolate wasn't rich enough, so it made sense to add an equal measure of butter and a bunch of eggs! I will not make this often as it is addictive and will add inches to the waistline!

One questionable note. I thought I discerned a somewhat uncooked flour taste and will probably try substituting potato starch next time.
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I have made the cake in question and loved, loved, loved it. It only uses one bowl to boot! It is *very* fudgy and is quite nice with a little dollop of creme fraiche as suggested. I found that it freezes pretty well. You can cut a slice and heat it up in the microwave any time your daily requirement for chocolate has not been met! I didn't notice any uncooked flour taste, but I was in a rapturous chocolate coma.

I've also made the madelines from Paris Sweets. They're nice. I'm not a huge madeline fan so it would be tough to knock my socks off with these.

She recommends a butter from the Vermont Cheese Company as its butterfat content is close to or the same as that of typical French butters. I found it at Whole Foods. It's pretty expensive and really not worth it.

The book is wonderful.
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Isa, I haven't made anything else from Paris Sweets, yet. I've a bunch of others earmarked for a try.

I use Plugra which is a higher fat butter. If you have a Trader Joe's near you, it's only $3/lb. I get a few lbs at a time, wrap them well, and freeze them for baking. Maybe I'll try the Vermont butter sometime just to see if it makes a difference.


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I'm in Québec Alexia, there are no Trader Joe here but I'll make sure to stop there while in California.
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I (blush) have only had time to make the coffee ganache recipe from paris sweets - coffee-infused cream poured over goddquality white chocolate. Such a simple thing, but so useful!
I used it, with coffee whipped cream, as a filling for little tarts on a dessert tray, and as a filling for chocolate/espresso sandwich cookies. I can see it filling a cake, or a roulade because it stays stickyish.
A lot of the other recipes looked good. I took lessons from a Fernch pastry chef trained at Dalloyau, so it's a nice refresher on simple things....
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I had not thought of coffee could infuse the cream with lemon or any citrus....I guess I have done mousses that use infused cream, white chocolate and gelitin. hmmmm
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I made a mousse recently with infused habaneros and cinnamon oil. may make it again.
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