Replacing steak and beef shin croquettes for a pescetarian

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So, I have a dinner party coming up, where I intend to serve sous vide steak, and some beef shin croquettes (along with a few other bits of course!).

One of my good friends is a pescetarian, and rather than cooking veggie dishes, I usually try and do fish for her. 

So, what do I replace the steak and the beef shin with?

I'm thinking to replace the steak with a meaty fish like sea bass, salmon, or cod, and pan fry it. That way it will still go with the chimichurri sauce I'm doing. For the croquettes, I'm thinking of replacing the beef shin with salmon or cod.

The specific bit I would invite helpful comments on is the croquettes - say I do go for salmon or cod, how do people suggest I prepare it? Just a simple milk poach before flaking and mixing with the potato, or something more jazzy?

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Salmon croquettes, Just cook the salmon with some oil, until you can flake it. Make your sofritto. I make croquettes with roux and bread flour. You can try that, but you can also do the same technique you are doing with the shin croquettes.
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Instead of potato I would use bread crumbs and a beaten egg. I would also crush some capers into the mix and serve with a remoulade sauce. You will get a much lighter product. As for the fish it should be tender and flaked even if you need to poach it.
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Thanks all!

Crab cakes are a good idea.

I understand the fish may get drowned by a potato croquette; I'm just trying to mirror style as much as possible.

I'll have a look at ingredients (everything is selling out for Christmas) and get cracking!

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