replacements/upgrade Flat Beater for KitchenAid Stand Mixer(s)

Discussion in 'Cooking Equipment Reviews' started by sandsquid, May 10, 2014.

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    We have a both a tilt head and lift bowl KitchenAid Stand mixer and they get used pretty heavily.  As long as we pair the proper mixer to the task, we get by.  The big issue I have is with the flat beater attachments. First and most important, it is aluminum so even a immaculately clean and polished beater gives our whitest cakes a grey cast to them.  The second is that they don't mate very closely to the bowl so there is quite a bit of stopping to scrape down.

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    there is a screw that you can use to microadjust the closeness to the owl. You can go on the KA forums and get instructions. I've done it, but can't describe it.

    Another thought is to buy one of the new flat beaters with the silicone edge. Remember, they will eventually wear out, but it is a nice feature for many people.
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    Get a white painted beater with the silicone scraping edge, and properly adjust your mixer.  There is a screw up under the neck of the mixer which you can adjust so that the beater is positioned correctly when in operation.  The adjustment screw is present on both a tilt head mixer as well as a bowl lift mixer, just in slightly different spots.  It is pretty obvious once you look under the neck.  Adjust it up or down so that the beater just clears a dime placed in the bottom of the mixing bowl.  You will still have to scrape the very bottom with a spatula, but the mixer will do a much better job if it is properly adjusted.