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Discussion in 'Commercial Kitchen Rentals' started by tony polite, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. tony polite

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    hello anyone...does anyone know the best way to rent my kitchen out when im not using it... I only use in the mornings on there a site or someone i can call for this?

    Big Ants BBQ
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    Hi Tony,

    I might approach the caterers in your area to see if they would like the added menu flexibility a mobile BBQ kitchen offers them. They will just pass the rental cost to their customers and they don't have to invest assets into something that can make them money.

    You could always try your local Chamber of Commerce and let them know you have a portable kitchen for fund raising organizations to consider using. They should be tuned in to local events and groups that could use your kitchen. Even if you don't make a bundle doing this, your community involvement could still reap rewards.

    Have your price chart, and a binding rental agreement handy! They do have to have a safe mode of transporting, knowledge of site prep and sign something, right?

    I can really appreciate that you have an underutilized asset but if it doesn't get returned on time or comes back filthy...

    Good Luck Tony!
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    How do you do your BBQ within just the morning time?