renewing driver's license in NJ??

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    When 9/11 happened, a photo license was not REQUIRED in NJ. I went to DMV and made like I lost mine to have some kiinda picture ID. When it was about to expire, got lazy and renewed online... to non-pic ID. Four years ago HAD to get picture license... needed TONS of proof of who I was... actually called "six point of identification". Had to send off (and pay for) a real birth cerficate... one I had was handwritten at the hospital... probably with a QUILL PEN!! Discovered I really had NOTHING that proved I was the person on birth certificate... nothing with maiden name. DMV would not accept my HS or college diploma. Divorce papers from early 90's... NO maiden name anywhere in them?? Was told to get copy of marriage license... lord knows where the original ended up... besides the TRASH!?! After TWO attempts to get copy... apparently NOTHING on file... may have never really been officially married all those years!

    SOOO, I get renewal for license... old one is good thru end of December. If I write a CHECK (WHAT'S that?) and mail in form, will get new license in 7-10 days. If I walk into DMV (with my FACE on ME and old license), I'll need to bring those "6 points of ID" with me again!?! Does this sound ass-backwards to anyone besides me?? google_ad_section_end