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Hey guys it's been a while since I read Logans diary.

I just read about two months of his entries and they were allot of fun to read.For anyone who doesn't no what I'm talking about,on the cover page of cheftalk you can click on logans diary and follow him for over a year as he works his way in restaurants getting ready for culinary school.

Give it a look


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They are awesome! Logan is a great writer, and on top of his journal entires he has also contributed a book review for this month. This is a great thing for people who are thinking about culinary school to get a feel for what it is about.

Thanks Logan!
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I also enjoy reading Logan. Since I can't really afford culinary school at the moment, and am learning what I can from working for free, it's neat to hear his different experience of learning, as someone like me, who previously did something else (I still do) for a living.


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