Remember kids...research before an interview

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I just did an epic fail of an interview. Main issue? didn't look at at the restaurants menu and read prices. I was interviewing for a place that touted it was going to do family comfort food, brilliant, right up my alley. Showed up in my uniform, brought my knife bag, looked pressed and clean shaved, KM was impressed ad said comes the bad part.

When asked why I wasn't currently working I said "Well, I did fine dining in the past and don't want to just work in any schlock boil-in-a-bag gravy house."

KM looks at GM and kind of clears her throat.. and I start to feel the toe of my size sixteen shoe entering my mouth.

I then say " don't make your own gravy do you?"


"Biscuits?" trying to talk around the ball of my foot


" guys don't use Stouffers easy bake mac and cheese too do you?" figuring at this point I am already in it to the waist.

"we get everything premade from Sysco that we need."


I won't get into the rest of the conversation but I doubt I will be hearing from them. Had i just read the menu and prices , which I did when I got home...I probably would have realized to say anything else.

ah, well... i wouldn't be happy opening tins and making "food" that way so I guess it's just as well.
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LOL niice one Gunnar, like you said, it wasn't your kind of thing anyway.
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Bummer, Gunnar.

But has there ever been a time when one of us, when silence was called for, didn't say exactly the wrong thing?

You wouldn't have been happy there, anyway, so it's no big loss. And, hopefully, lesson learned.
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    Well, your interview was certainly good for a chuckle /img/vbsmilies/smilies/tongue.gif   But I really do hope you find the right job for you, if not the right job for you...perhaps one that fits you.

   I suppose it might even be a good idea to dine at the restaurant before going in for an interview, before your post I never gave it much thought.

     good luck!

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Can't see you opening cans.....have faith, (the size of a mustard seed) a Better Job Will Come Along .

In the meantime, stay positive.
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 Gunnar I'm sorry you had such a bad interview and I'm sure all of us have had them.  I agree with KYH.. you would not have been happy there had you been offerred the job so it just wasn't meant to be.

Crappy interviews aren't a failure.. they're a heads up to  you that that place was not for you.

Keep strong.. the right place for you is out there.
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No worries on that one Gunner soon as I hear Sysco I would be running for the hills!
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Its sad to think that places are buying pre-made from sysco when with the right chef these items can be made better nutritionally and more economically than their purchasing them pre-done. And the taste! okay whats better?...... sausage gravy with reconstituted sausage and dried milk or whole milk gravy with bits of the fond from the bottom of the skillet flavoring the gravy with tasty pork fat used to make a lovely roux? 

Why do restaurant Owners (who aren't usually the chefs) seem to think easier is always better? If it just tastes like everyone else's food why bother? Its the special care and dedication of the chef, to the craft of making each meal special to the diner that will promote the ultimate success restaurant owners strive for and chef's deserve.

Gunnar, you sound like you understand that and for that, I am proud of you. 
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