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Currently I am a senior attending Red Bank Regional High School in New Jersey. I am performing a senior project relating to the use of meat thermometers at home, and in restaurants. If you could please take a minute of your time and fill out my short survey it would be greatly appreciated.

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Erik Kamp

survey Link: Relating to Meat Thermometers
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Your survey requires rewording and additional choices on a few questions. Question 5, for example, requires a selection of N/A, not applicable in my case as I'm a home cooker and neither a vendor nor a company. And so as it stands, it's impossible for me to complete your survey. Good luck.

Presently I own and use two Maverick ET73 digital thermometers and they work just fine being equally calibrated.

The psychology department at your school probably offers a course in experimental design where certain test and survey strategies are discussed. That'd be a great course for you.
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The answer set to "Question 5" on the first page is mutually exclusive with any and all of the several of the answer sets on the same page, i.e., it contradicts any answer which says or implies use and ownership of a thermometer. I had to give an answer to move on, so checked "cost;" but it's inaccurate.

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