Relate a dish you had before adulthood that really amazed you, maybe you have or have not had it sin

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When I was 16, my Mom and my stepfather took me to the San Francisco annual Boat Show at the Cow Palace (mid 60s), for dinner we went to Jack London Square, there was restaurant on a River Boat. This was the nicest restaurant I had ever been too (we we're dairy farmers visiting the big city), the entree I had was the Seafood Chef's special. It was something like a huge Chicken Pot Pie but instead it was a variety of seafood, dungeness crab, shrimp, pieces of fish, scallops, squid, veggies with the pie crust in a rich thick creamy broth/sauce. To me at that time it was amazing and delicious. About a year later I would eat my first Cioppino and soon after bouillabaisse, but the I have never forgot that Seafood Pot Pie and would love to have it again.
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The dish that impressed me the most was something very simple, yet complex. It was minestrone soup at Lelli's restaurant in Detroit. I think the restaurant has moved since I was there a hundred years ago. I hope they still have that amazing soup.

That soup haunted me, so I just had to figure out how to make it. It took me years, but I finally did.The ingredient I was missing was fresh rosemary. That made all the difference, along with everything else, of course. After nearly 40 years, it's still my favorite.
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There's a chain in Texas called Abuelo's.  The food is generally good, but they have a really nice "sweet corn cake" that I could eat by the gallon.  It's nothing spectacular, but quite tasty.
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Grilled Cheese

 My Godfather would take me to Horn & Hardarts (sp?) for lunch NYC. OMG !!! the grilled cheese came out of the wall !!!

50+ yrs. ago
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My Mom and Grandpa ued to make Baugna Cauda when I was just a kid. It was really my first introduction to authentic Italian food and has stuck with me to this day.
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The one that really sticks in my mind in my Grandma's cheese ravioli but not the first time I ate it, rather the first time I helped her make them from scratch for a big family dinner ... that was the day I felt the passion of cooking! Thank you Nonna
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I was always amazed by my Mum's Junket when I was a little girl.  It sat there wobbling if you moved it slightly and stayed firm - but the moment you dug into it with your spoon it began to break up and so you HAD to eat it quickly - I just loved it.

I got some Rennitt about 12 years ago and made it myself, but though it was very pleasant, the magic had gone!

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