Reheating Gratins/Lasagna/Pies

Joined Jul 21, 2020
Hi there, it's my first post, I run a small cafe/bistro kitchen with max 30 covers with service between 12pm-5pm, and would really appreciate some advice on reheating baked dishes within 10mins without using a microwave.
When I've put baked dishes on the menu, I make them in the morning in a large hotel pan with foil covering and hot hold them between 12pm-4pm in our only convection oven between 80-100 degrees C and use for staff meals at end of service. It works pretty well but as service progresses I start worrying about the quality (especially lasagna).
We have limited equipment (2 Countertop Fryers, 1 Convection Oven, 2 Induction Hobs, 1 Electric Salamander)
I was thinking of getting individual enamel trays, baking in the morning, leaving at ambient temp, and whacking through a hot oven for service. I'm a bit worried that any unsold would have to be chucked (4 hours at ambient temp) and that if I refrigerate them, they won't come up to temp quick enough when I whack them through the oven(10 mins)...
Any suggestions greatly appreciated
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