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My question is there any good standardized Spoons that can be used for most purposes?

i have been looking for proper spoons to use in kitchen, i went to antique shops to find spoons used by chefs but didn't find a good ones, then i went online shopping and found quenelle, tasting, saucier,basting,plating spoons,

i am looking for a single spoon to handle many functions.

Thank you
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Mostly tongue in cheek..... /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif

IMO a good quenelle spoon is a personal matter.

Everyone has their fave .... kinda like a certain bat length and weight and shape is personal for a pro baseball player .... bordering on obsessive and superstitious (is that spelled right? was spell checked but doesn't look right ).

That said some peeps can use their gma's stained wooden spoons and make gorgeous little footballs.

So. While you COULD load up on Q. spoons (I do advise you buy several as they seem to disappear as often as a sock in the washer) oftentimes the smaller size makes it useless for other tasks (except tasting or maybe basting something small)

"Hey I love this spoon.... imma gonna buy a dozen and see how often I use them."

"Hey I bought a dozen of these spoons and they suck for multi it looks like I need to try again with a different shape...length...weight...material".

The spoon is the red headed stepchild of the mostly knife driven kitchen...but like a knife it is something you will have to test drive.

Thank goodness they are cheap.

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