Regarding pastured eggs:

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Do you ever work with eggs from pastured chickens?  I would be interested in any adjustments you may make when using them, or any other thoughts you may care to share.

I've been cooking with them for about 30 months now, after a hiatus of about 30 years from when I left the family farm and went off to college.  The differences have been fairly significant, mostly on the positive side.

Items I've noticed differences in include:  caesar salad dressing, pasta, biscuits, and sauces.

Thank you for participating here.
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Of course the difference between store-bought eggs and the eggs you buy from your local farmer is staggering. Good, fresh eggs, especially from farmers that take care of their chickens and let them live as chickens were meant to live, make the best pasta, the best pastry crust, and the best dishes, period. What would I do to modify recipes? I would simply not use pasteurized eggs. 
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