Refined Ice Cream Methods

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I enjoyed a tasting menu that featured the most delicious quenelle of cherry ice cream known to man. The temperature was perfect, the cream texture was so perfectly smooth and an intense cherry flavor that was sweet and vibrant. The color was fire engine red. Just perfection!

I am curious as to what methods separate the good from the insanely good. Anyone here work in a place where creme glacee is taken to high levels?

At my place the basic process is:

1.) Blanchir yolks and sugar

2.) Temper with heavy cream and milk (1:1 cream/milk ratio)

3.) Return to stove and cook the creme anglaise

4.) Strain, add puree/flavorings

5.) Rapidly chill over ice, let completely cool in walk-in another hour or so

6.) Churn in Machine

7.) Freeze

I think our custard/creme anglaise based version is pretty standard. Sometimes however I think the amount of eggs overwhelms everything a bit. Anyone using a different base?

I've heard some tips like letting the base chill overnight before churning allows the flavors to marry better and improves texture? 14 degrees (F) is the ideal temperature for serving? Ice Cream is best made everyday? Additional stabilizers?

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