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I am looking for a good reduction sauce for steaks, something that doesn't take all day to make. :lips:
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Can't remember the name of it right off hand, but you saute some minced shallots and then add about a cup of red wine and reduce that to about 1/3 and then add to an espagnole, I'll have to look it up, i can't even remember if it was from On Cooking, or Gisslen's Professional Cooking.


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My personal fav...

Sautee Portabella's with scallion and garlic in butter. Reduce with red wine and worchestier sauce, add demi and a touch of 35% some diced tomato. Similar to a Dianne sauce, I love it with a 10 oz strip...

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The basic formula for a reduction sauce is after sauteeing the steak, removing it from the pan to let it rest and then:

1) deglaze the pan with some type of alcohol, wine, brandy, cognac, etc. Sonmetimes a flavored vinegar is added.

2) Some form of aromatic is then added, i.e., shallots, garlic, ginger, etc. Some cooks saute them first and then deglaze.

3) Stock is added and the sauce reduced.

4) Finally, it can be finished with some butter.

From this basic template you can do an infinite variety of sauces by adding numerous other ingredients: herbs, green peppercorns, cream, tomatoes, mushrooms, hot peppers, you name it. When you add these other ingredients depends on how they need to be cooked. Some items are sauteed with the aromatics, some may be added with the stock, and others that need little or no cooking, (such as herbs), are added toward the end. Experiment with different flavor profiles.

Any sauce you make by this basic method will not take long to prepare, (excluding the stock which I'm assuming you've made ahead of time and have on hand for making sauces).



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