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So, what is everyone making for the 4th?

We are making various grilled pizzas (haven't decided what kind, but maybe a sausage, a seafood and a vegetable), and 3 sherbets: pina colada, blueberry sour cream, and honey strawberry. Other than that, it's still up in the air.

Salads will be the way to go for me this year, since free time will be hard to find.
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Thanks for reminding me! We're visiting a friend who works for the UN, and will have lots of other UN guests, so I'd better do something good! Hope it'll be okay if I "borrow" someone's idea from here.;)
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Grilled pizzas are so great -actually on the lunch menu for my new place-
grilled spicy calamari pizza -yum!

Every year we participate in my parents "eat meat and blow things up" party.
My parents live in the northwest end of the San Fernando Valley, with the proverbial big ranch house, swimming pool and orange trees.
My father, the Q hound, grills and smokes everything that isn't nailed down -I'm sure this year will be tri-tip, hot links, bby back ribs. Mom, my sister and I provide usual accompanaments - salads, veggies, corn, salsa, pies and ice cream.
Of course all of this is washed down with lots of booze and then we blow up the illegal fireworks that my parents and cousins have driven to the other county (where they are legal) to buy. All the grandkids (now 11 of them!) sit around the lava stone fire pit in their wet bathing suits, roasting marshmallows, making smores and waving sparklers...

However, my family will not be staying as late as we usually do because I am getting on a plane to NYC at 7am...:D

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth...
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This year different. Worked very hard,very early and gathered a bunch of baseball tickets for my son and his friends to the sucky Texas Rangers.
Great Ballpark!! Ultimate Nachos,corny dogs,turkey legs,ballpark franks, lemon chills, peanuts etc. At the end of the game supposedly the biggest fireworks display in the State.
When are the fireworks in NYC? I used to work where I'm staying and know how to sneak up to the roof.
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