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    I am new to here and need some information about getting my red seal and I can't find it anywhere. I live in Ontario and I went to George Brown and I did the 2 year program and graduated in 2010 so here are my few questions any answers help!

    1) Does my schooling count as any of my hours in any way??

    2) if I had 2 years of hours with a red seal chef then left and he won't sign that I worked those hours is there a way to prove it or have I lost them?

    3)How hard is the test if I have the gisselin and all of my notes from school still plus Ive been working full time for 3 years?

    4) George Brown offers a course to get you ready to write the test has anyone taken it??

    Again anything helps! Im confused and just really want to get this since im 23 and think this would be an amazing opportunity for me
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    I did sort of the same thing as you back in the day. I took my courses at Southern Alberta Technical Institute, then went to Jasper Park Lodge to apprentice. I might be able to give some insight...
    In my case, I got credit for the schooling portion of the apprentiship, but was still obliged to fill the hours required to work (and my blue book) for the priveledge of writing the Interprovincial Exam. It was up to the Apprentiship board then, they made the decision in my case.
    When you qpprentice, you are entering into a contract with the journeyman. Essentially you are promising him to commit to him for X amount of time, and to learn anything he will teach you over that period of time. If you can't get him to sign after the fact, unless you have signed into the apprentiship agreement, there isn't much that you can do.
    I wrote the important stuff to remember on flash cards. (I still have them squirreled away in the basement somewhere...) I don't think my test was all that hard; I wrote it in 45 minutes and with the help of those flash cards did really well. It's all about the preparation and study before hand. Again, the flash cards were a boon.
    I cannot speak for this course, but to ask - why take another course if you've paid for one already. It may take some dillegence and organization, I'm sure you will do well.