Red Seal study infomation needed please???

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Hello all,

Fantastic site BTW......

I've been cooking in kitchen for the last 20 years.I graduated from Culinary School 10 years ago and i've been cooking professionally since then for a remote catering company in the arctic. I've been procrasting on writting my Red Seal exam.....its something that i've always wanted to write and i think its TIME!! However, do to moving around so much I've lost all my theory study material except my culinary text book. I was wondering if anyone would have some study material or put me in contact with someone who would have some study material for the inter-provincial exam?

I tried contacting my old theory prof....but to no-avail.....

Any information would be greatly apprciated...

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Which province?

Here in B.C. things have changed a bit since last year, there is now a real, actual, live,  cooking practical as well as a baking practical.  Most of the written stuff is taken from "On Cooking" and various other textbooks like CIA's "Professional Chef.

Good luck

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