Red Seal in Quebec? Professional Chef & Cook Feedback Please

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So I've been working in Quebec for about 7 or 8 years and worked a bit in BC when I went out this passed winter. I have circumstantially become a professional cook and am interested in furthering my potential.

Options available to me here are applying at ITHQ (institut de tourisme et hotellerie du Quebec) and fulfilling a one-and-a-half year commitment (though that would require me to greatly improve my French writing skills) or attending an English school that receives about 1/4 the funding and has so-so reviews.

Recently brought to my attention is the idea of doing a Red Seal certificate. Briefing myself on the process tonight, I believe that it is only popularized in Western Canada and parts of the US. 

Residing in Quebec, would this require me to relocate to do the certification? (which I don't really mind; I was thinking west anyway)

Any feedback appreciated!

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There  are many avenues that yoou can take to acheive your Red Seal. I'm not that well versed as to what the structure is in Quebec. In B.C. I have had people on my staff; are in College programs that they only go to school during certain parts of their progress to a Red Seal. They work the rest of the time under papered chefs like myself.

The trade has made me a good living for 30 years. Good Luck
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